Redeeming Grace Church meets Sundays at Colorado Christian University (CCU) in room 170/172 of Leprino Hall at 9:30 for Sunday School and 10:30 am for Worship. The building can be easily accessed from CCU's main campus entrance.


There are two entrances into the campus of Colorado Christian University (CCU).

-You can enter from Garrison street (located just west of CCU). Go straight through the first stop sign and at the second, you will see Leprino Hall just to your right. There are two small parking lots, one in front and one on the right. You can park there if spots are available. If these are full, take a left at the second stop sign, follow the road around until you come to a larger parking lot near the Event Center (Gymnasium). You can park there and enjoy a short walk to Leprino Hall.

-You can also access CCU's campus through the main entrance on Alameda Ave. Once you enter, keep going straight, until it wraps around the Event Center. You can park in that lot or look for closer spots as you continue on the road, closer to Leprino Hall.

One important note: We do ask that you not park in the Mile High Church's parking lot. Cars may be towed.

Please view the MAP for details on how to find Leprino Hall