Through the centuries both spontaneous and composed prayers have been used with great spiritual profit by God's people. 

Composed (printed) prayers can be a great help in teaching us how to pray and guiding us in our prayers, just as did the prayer Jesus taught his disciples.  We recommend that you, the reader, carefully and thoughtfully make the prayers your own. As you read, pause often and add your own thoughts and names. You will find that the breadth and depth of the subject matter of these prayers, combined with humility and love, will lead you to a more edifying and effective prayer life. Please note the prayers are usually informed by and saturated with the Word of God. May that become more and more true of our prayers.

Our Daily Prayer - Monday

Our Daily Prayer- Tuesday

Our Daily Prayer - Wednesday

Our Daily Prayer - Thursday

Our Daily Prayer - Friday

Our Daily Prayer - Saturday

Our Daily Prayer - Sunday

Confessions- Nelsons

Confession- Gabbards

Confession and Renewal- Gabbards

The Lord's Prayer - Gabbards

The Lord's Prayer - Nelsons

Giving Thanks- Gabbards

Giving Thanks for Our Church/City/Nation- Knotts

Prayer and Petition- Nelsons

Praise and Petition for the USA- Nelsons

Praying for the Salvation of Our Children

God's Greatness- Eakins

Suffering - Eakins

Pastoral Prayer- Nelsons